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System director

10000 yuan/month - 12000 yuan/month

Minimum Education:


Recruiting Numbers:



Working Area:

1. Establish a sound quality management system.
2. Be responsible for the organization and preparation of internal and external management reviews of various systems of the company.
3. Responsible for the application, management and maintenance of various qualifications in military industry, quality, information security, etc.
4. Organize the drafting, review, approval and distribution of system documents.
5. Be responsible for training all employees on quality awareness and system standardization.
6. Be responsible for the unified preparation, registration, distribution, filing, storage, control and management of the company's system documents.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of experience in enterprise quality system management or product certification and project application,
2. Those who are engaged in quality system work of science and technology companies, have military industry background, familiar with military industry, information security and other qualifications are preferred
3. Familiar with the national military standard, GJB9001C/2017 is preferred;
4. Have good self-expression and text integration ability.
5. Careful and meticulous, with strong sense of responsibility and drive.
6. Have strong comprehensive judgment ability and ability to solve complex problems, excellent organization and coordination ability and communication ability.
4. Have the spirit of hard work and the ability to work under pressure.