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PMC Manager

8K/month - 15K/month

Minimum Education:


Recruiting Numbers:



Working Area:

operating duty:
1. According to the company's business objectives, be responsible for the preparation of the company's annual and monthly production plans and the organization, implementation, coordination and control of production tasks;
2. Be responsible for organizing, directing, coordinating (controlling and supervising) all departments to complete production tasks and meet quality requirements according to sales plan and production plan;
3. Review the purchase requisition requirements of each department, track and coordinate the relationship between the material delivery schedule and the production schedule, and handle relevant information;
4. Lead the order review, material demand plan and warehouse stock control, and be responsible for the accountability and handling of problems affecting the production schedule;
5. Cooperate with the R&D project team to develop the pilot plan of the R&D project, follow up the project progress, and ensure that the pilot plan is completed on schedule;
6. Be responsible for the information collection, processing and feedback of other relevant departments and external interested parties of the company, regularly hold meetings related to capacity coordination, and timely review and improve the production plan;
7. Be responsible for the relevant operation of the work order of the ERP system, analyze the data achieved by the plan, and timely adjust the plan according to the actual situation;
8. Revise and revise PMC work specifications and management system, predict the company's production development trend, evaluate the production capacity load, and submit the optimized design scheme to the General Manager;
9. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering is preferred;
2. Proficient in production planning, material management, production organization and other relevant knowledge;
3. More than 5 years of continuous working experience in the planned material control department, and relevant experience in the instrument industry is preferred;
4. More than two years of master planning experience, familiar with master planning business process;
5. Proficient in the use of office software, familiar with the operation and use of ERP systems such as K3, and have strong overall planning and organization ability and data analysis ability;
6. With good professional ethics, steady and steady, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, proactive, and able to work under pressure.