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NET programmer

5000 yuan/month - 8000 yuan/month

Minimum Education:


Recruiting Numbers:



Working Area:

1. Complete the code compilation, debugging, testing and maintenance according to the design documents or requirements, and assist the development and design of the software system;
2. Prepare various development documents necessary for the development process according to the company's project management and development management processes and specifications;
3. Participate in technical pre-research in the development process, and assist in solving key technical problems in the product development process;
4. Participate in product technical support;
Skill requirements:
1. Familiar with. NET,. Net Core C/S, B/S multi-layer development, and web program code security;
2. Familiar with. NET development tools, proficient in C # language, and proficient in the application of common RESTful interfaces;
3. Familiar with front-end CSS+Html+Javascript (jquery, vue. js, bootstrap) related technologies;
4. Proficient in the development and application of SQL SERVER, MYSQL or ORACLE databases, proficient in database performance optimization and writing functions, views, stored procedures, triggers, etc;
5. Have some experience in code execution efficiency, performance optimization, data cache and page cache;
6. Good programming style and habit, good abstract thinking and logical planning ability;
7. Careful and meticulous work, strong learning ability, strong communication ability, sense of responsibility and teamwork ability.