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Hardware Engineer

5000 yuan/month - 10000 yuan/month

Minimum Education:


Recruiting Numbers:



Working Area:

1. Responsible for the electronic circuit design, schematic design, EMC design, development and testing of the company's intelligent sensors and instruments;
2. Be responsible for sample welding and assembly of relevant products;
3. Responsible for the preparation of project process documents;
4. Other matters arranged by the supervisor
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, electrical, automation or related majors, with more than two years of relevant work experience;
2. Have professional knowledge of digital and analog electricity, familiar with common analog and digital circuit design, familiar with common sensor and signal modulation circuit design;
3. Familiar with common electronic components and electrical components;
4. Experience in EMC and reliability design is preferred;
5. With hard work and good team spirit.