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Key points of standardization work in the field of energy are released to indicate the development direction for instrument enterprises


Introduction: A few days ago, the General Department of the National Energy Administration issued the Key Points of 2017 Energy Industry Standardization. The energy industry is an important application industry of instruments and meters. The release of the Key Points of Work also points out the future development direction for the instrument industry.
A few days ago, the General Department of the National Energy Administration issued the 2017 Key Points for Industry Standardization in the Energy Sector (hereinafter referred to as the "Key Points"). The energy industry is an important application industry of instruments and meters. The release of the Key Points of Work also points out the future development direction for the instrument industry.
The Key Points of Work pointed out that the following work should be done well in 2017 to improve the energy standardization management system; Strengthen top-level design and system layout; Strengthen the formulation and revision of standards in key areas; Improve the international level of energy standards, etc.
The key areas of energy proposed in the Key Points of Work include oil and gas, petrochemical industry, nuclear power, electric power, electric equipment, renewable energy and coal. With the strengthening of standardization construction in various energy fields, the measurement accuracy of corresponding instruments and meters needs to be improved simultaneously, so as to provide strong technical support for energy measurement and show core competitiveness in the future energy measurement market.
In addition, the Key Points of Work proposed to strengthen the development of industry standards in the fields of oil and gas exploration and development, construction of long oil and gas pipelines, quality of offshore oil exploration and production equipment and operation safety, and promote the integration of natural gas measurement supporting standards with international standards.

In the process of natural gas exploration and development and energy metering, natural gas flowmeter, natural gas analyzer and other instruments play an irreplaceable important role. In terms of natural gas measurement standards, China has now formed the Standard Orifice Measurement Method for Natural Gas Flow (SY/T6143-1996) and other standards. However, compared with the international advanced level, there is still a significant gap in the overall technical level of natural gas flow measurement in China. For example, the natural orifice plate flowmeter widely used in China is easy to cause signal lag due to its inherent defects, so its measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It is believed that the release of the Key Points of Work will greatly promote the technological progress of natural gas flow meters, analyzers and other metering and monitoring instruments.
The "Key Points of Work" also proposes to strengthen the construction of standards in energy use information collection and other aspects. In the construction of power consumption information acquisition system, intelligent electricity meter is an important part. Thanks to the rapid progress of smart grid construction, China's smart meter industry has developed rapidly. Now the industry is relatively mature and the technical level has advantages in the global market. The gradual construction of energy use information collection standards has put forward higher requirements for the performance and quality of smart meters in the future. Intelligence and accuracy will also become the future development trend of smart meters.
In the field of coal, we will focus on promoting the research of key product standards, key equipment and standards and energy efficiency standards of key energy-consuming units in the field of coal-to-fuel. At present, China's coal monitoring and analysis instruments generally have problems of weak adaptability and poor reliability, which has a certain impact on the standardization construction of China's coal industry. Therefore, strengthening the research and development of key technologies and improving the reliability and adaptability of coal monitoring and analysis instruments are the focus of China's instrument enterprises at present.
In addition, the "Key Points of Work" focuses on strengthening the development and system construction of important technical standards in the field of electric equipment, adapting to the relevant requirements of "Internet+Smart Energy" and "Made in China 2025", and promoting the establishment of a new standard system for electric equipment. After more than ten years of development, China's intelligent power instruments have become mature, and their functions have gradually changed from simple and low-end to diversified and high-end. The implementation of the Key Points will also further promote the improvement of its accuracy, performance stability, communication means and protocol openness.
The release of the Key Points of Work clarifies the key points of the standardization construction of the industry in the source field in 2017, points out the direction for the layout of relevant industries, and will also become the focus of some instrument and meter enterprises.
With China's increasing emphasis on the energy field, the instrument industry, as the "pioneer" in the field of energy measurement and detection, will usher in new development opportunities. Seize the opportunity, according to the Key Points of Work, adjust the focus of future enterprise work, and improve the research and development of energy metering, detection, analysis and other instruments and equipment, which will promote relevant instrument enterprises to follow the flow and take the lead in the industry.