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New Doug Reception Room | Warmly welcome Song Xinchun, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangyin Municipal Committee, and his delegation to visit the enterprise for research and guidance


In the afternoon of February 14, Song Xinchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangyin Municipal Committee, head of the United Front Work Department and head of the Organization Department, and his delegation came to the company for enterprise research and guidance,
Learn about the resumption of work and production of New Doug Technology, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the problems encountered by New Doug Technology in the construction of science and technology innovation Jiangyin and talent recruitment.

Mr. Cheng Minggang, the general manager of the company, accompanied the visiting leaders to visit the company's exhibition center, engineering technology center
The production workshop and the technology R&D department introduced the company's core business and technological innovation one by one, and the guests affirmed the company's technological innovation level.

Mr. Cheng Minggang, the general manager of the company, briefly introduced the development history of New Doug Technology, as well as the company's scientific research achievements
Achievements in patents, intellectual property and other aspects, but with rapid development, the company has some problems in talent introduction.

Minister Song Xinchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, answered the questions raised by the enterprise on the spot and made suggestions on talent introduction,
At the same time, we will introduce to the company various incentive and subsidy policies for innovative talents such as "thousands of enterprises and thousands of talents", and encourage enterprises to introduce more highly educated talents.

New Doug Technology once again sincerely thanks the Jiangyin Municipal Committee Standing Committee and his party for their valuable suggestions to the company,
We will live up to our expectations, give full play to our existing advantages, overcome all difficulties, and work hard to create a better future!