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XDG3232 axial displacement monitor

XDG3232 axial displacement monitor

The axial displacement and differential expansion of steam turbine and hydraulic turbine shall be monitored and protected.


Axial displacement (differential expansion) monitor is a monitoring and protection device used to detect the axial displacement or differential expansion of rotating machinery. It detects the displacement signal through the eddy current sensor and displays the displacement value digitally on the instrument. It can easily set any positive and negative alarm and shutdown limits within the range. Internal self-diagnosis function is provided to prevent false shutdown of rotating machinery. The instrument is equipped with 4~20mA current, relay switching output, RS485 interface MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, which can easily form an automatic control system and monitoring protection system with DCS, PLC, PC, etc; The instrument adopts high-performance ARM processor and simultaneously monitors the axial displacement value and the gap voltage value of eddy current sensor. It has good stability, high accuracy, friendly and beautiful interface, simple operation, convenient and reliable maintenance, and is at the leading level in China.

Our product portfolio

  • 1. The axial displacement monitor takes the advanced ARM high-performance embedded processor as the core, and adopts professional signal conditioning and filtering circuits. The linearity, frequency response, temperature drift and anti-interference ability of the instrument measurement have been greatly improved, making the system measurement accuracy higher and the protection action more reliable

    2. It can simultaneously monitor the axial displacement value and the output gap voltage value of the eddy current sensor

    3. The configuration mode is flexible, and the working mode and parameters of the instrument can be configured and set by the upper computer software configuration or by pressing keys and touch screen

    4. Dual channels can work independently or single channel can be used through configuration instrument

    5. The parameters of the instrument can be viewed or set locally. Including: meter number, baud rate, calibration mode, channel status, small signal removal, alarm reset mode, range, alarm set value (alarm I value, alarm II value), alarm delay value, (4~20) mA corresponding range, etc

    6. Peak memory and setting parameters can be stored for a long time after power failure

    7. It has power-on and power-off suppression function (protection of historical data, suppression of false alarm), and self-locking alarm output function within about 5 seconds after power-on

    8. RS485 communication interface and general MODBUS-RTU communication protocol realize the network communication and remote control functions of the instrument

    9. Sensor raw signal output

  • 1. Input: input two eddy current sensors at the same time

    2. Display range: -19.99~19.99 (mm)

    3. Range: Ф 8mm probe 2mm; Ф 11mm probe 4mm; Ф 25mm probe 12 mm; Error: full range± 1.0%。

    4. Display mode: 3.5 inch TFT true color touch screen or digital tube

    5. Current output: (4~20) mA, independent for each channel, short circuit protection, maximum load 400Ω, Error:± of full scale; 1.0%。

    6. Alarm: alarm setting: 4 points per channel (positive alarm I, positive alarm II, negative alarm I, negative alarm II), positive and negative alarms share the relay and indicator light. Setting range: any setting within the full range. Alarm delay: any integer within the range of (0~30) seconds. Alarm output: relay normally open and normally closed contact mode output, contact capacity DC28V/2A or AC250V/1A

    8. Communication: RS485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol: baud rate: 4800bps, 9600bps (default), 19200bps, three options. Verification method: no verification (default), even verification and odd verification. Three options are available

    9. Environmental restriction: there is no corrosive and strong magnetic field around

    10. Temperature and humidity: operating temperature: (0~50) ℃. Limit temperature: (- 10~60) ℃. Storage temperature: (- 40~70) ℃. Relative humidity: (20~90)% RH (non condensing)

    11. Power supply: voltage (85~265) VAC, frequency 50Hz/60Hz, power consumption < 8W

    12. Instrument size and installation: overall dimension: width 160 mm× Height 80 mm× 130mm deep. Hole size: width 152 mm× 76mm high. Installation method: fixed on disk

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