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XDG3012G vibration monitor

XDG3012G vibration monitor

XDG3012G vibration monitor is a dual-channel wall-mounted watch.


XDG3012G vibration monitor is a dual-channel wall-mounted watch. Combined with magnetoelectric speed sensor, it can continuously monitor and measure the amplitude and intensity of absolute vibration of bearing pads of rotating mechanical devices (such as steam turbines, fans, compressors and motors). There is a current output in direct proportion to the measured value, which can be directly connected with DCS, PLC system and paperless recorder. When the vibration value exceeds the limit, it can automatically provide alarm relay switch value contact output).

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  • Input signal: input two magnetoelectric speed sensors at the same time

    Range: amplitude: 0~500μ Any within the range of m (0~200μ m by default)

    Intensity: any within the range of 0~50mm/s (0~20mm/s by default)

    Display mode: 3-digit LED digital display, vibration: resolution 1, intensity: resolution 0.1

    Accuracy: 1.0% of full scale

    Current output: linear output DC4~20mA analog signal corresponding to full scale range, load resistance≤ 500Ω, Accuracy± 1.0%;

    Alarm output: two points per channel, alarm I, alarm II, LED light indication, relay normally open contact closed output, capacity DC28V/2A, AC250V/1A

    Overall dimension: width 190× 290× high; Thickness 92 (mm³)

    Installation size: bottom 170× Height 272 (mm²) (equilateral triangle)

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