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XDG3031 axial displacement monitor

XDG3031 axial displacement monitor



The XDG3031 axial displacement monitor simultaneously receives the voltage signal of the two eddy current sensor systems, which is used to continuously monitor and measure the axial position of the shaft of the rotating machinery relative to the thrust bearing. This monitor has zero position confirmation function to ensure that the instrument zero position is consistent with the mechanical zero position and the sensor specification selection function.

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  • Input signal: input two eddy current sensors at the same time

    Measurement range: any within 4mm

    Alarm setting: four-point alarm for each channel can be set arbitrarily within the full range through the configuration software, but the positive alarm and positive shutdown values must be greater than 0 mm, and the negative alarm and negative shutdown values must be less than 0 mm

    Alarm output: four points per channel,± Alarm I,± Alarm II, LED light indication, relay normally open and normally closed contact output, capacity DC28V/2A, AC250V/1A

    Overall dimension: disc mounting: width 160× High 80× Depth 225 (mm³)

    Hole size: width 152× Height 76 (mm²)

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