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XDG3253/XDG3253Y speed impactor monitor

XDG3253/XDG3253Y speed impactor monitor

Users can configure parameters such as number of teeth, transmission coefficient, alarm value, etc. on site.


XDG3253/XDG3253Y speed impactor monitor has the characteristics of high accuracy, stable performance, strong anti-interference, high reliability and simple operation. Users can configure parameters such as tooth number, transmission coefficient and alarm value on site.

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  • Input signal: rotational speed input: one magnetic resistance sensor or magnetic sensor signal

    Impactor input: two-way emergency trip switch signal or two-way PNP proximity switch sensor signal

    Range: maximum 99999 rpm

    Display mode: 3.5 inch TFT true color touch screen or digital tube

    Tooth number setting: any tooth within 3~200

    Transmission coefficient setting: any integer within 1~200

    Keyphasor signal output: one per revolution, amplitude (5± 1%) V, pulse width (4± 10%) ms

    Current output: (4~20) mA, independent for each channel, short circuit protection, maximum load 400Ω, Error:± of full scale; 1.0%;

    Alarm: alarm setting: 2 points per channel (alarm I, II)

    Setting range: any setting within the full range

    Alarm delay: any integer within the range of (0~30) seconds; Alarm output: relay normally open and normally closed contact mode output, contact capacity DC28V/2A or AC250V/1A

    Communication: RS485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU communication protocol

    Baud rate: 4800bps, 9600bps (default), 19200bps, three options

    Boundary dimension: fixed in tray, width 160× High 80× Depth 130 (mm)

    Hole size: width 152× Height 76 (mm)

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