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XDG6100 turbine digital regulator

XDG6100 turbine digital regulator

XDG6100 steam turbine digital regulator (hereinafter referred to as the device) is mainly used to control KB series small turbine driving water pump, fan and other non-generator units.


XDG6100 steam turbine digital regulator (hereinafter referred to as the device) is mainly used to control KB series small turbine driving water pump, fan and other non-generator units. The device receives three-way speed feedback signals, and can control the speed with a variety of actuators, such as TG-17E actuator, Japan Glory actuator, etc. There are two kinds of output control signals of the device, one is 20~160mA current, and the maximum output impedance is 45 ohms; The other is 4~20mA current with a maximum output impedance of 500 ohms. The device can set the speed range and the number of teeth of the speed measuring gear according to the parameters of the steam turbine. The number of speed teeth can be set between 30-60 teeth, and the speed range can be selected between 0~16000rpm. The device adopts 4U chassis, which is simple in structure and easy to install. It is equipped with touch screen human-machine interface and status signal light indication, beautiful in appearance, flexible in configuration and convenient in operation.

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  • Input: 3 channels of speed feedback signal can be input; 1 channel of 4~20mA remote control command; 4-way switching value (external shutdown 1, external shutdown 2, speed rise, speed drop)

    Output: 1 channel of regulating valve control signal 4~20mA current; One channel of actual cascade control 20~160mA current; 1 channel of actual speed 4~20mA current; 6-way switching value (operation, remote control, overspeed test, alarm, shutdown, fault)

    Range: speed: 0~16000 rpm, display resolution: 1 rpm; Measurement accuracy: 1/4~1/8 rpm

    Number of teeth: 30~60 teeth can be configured

    Human-machine interface: 7.0 inches; Resolution 800 * 480

    Communication: RS232 communication interface, baud rate 9.6Kbps

    Environmental restrictions: no corrosive and strong magnetic fields around

    Operating temperature: (0~50) ℃

    Limit temperature: (- 10~60) ℃

    Storage temperature: (- 40~70) ℃

    Relative humidity: (20~90)% RH (non condensing)

    Power supply: voltage AC (85~265) V, frequency 50Hz, power consumption < 50W. It is required to connect 5A air switch externally

    Instrument case: adopt industrial standard case

    Overall dimension: width 401.5mm× Height 177.5 mm× 208mm deep

    Installation method: disc or cabinet installation

  • Automatic adjustment control function

    Valve control mode: the operator controls the opening of the regulating valve by setting the target valve position value

    Transfer control mode: the operator controls the turbine speed by setting the target speed value

    Test control function

    Pull valve test: in the shutdown state, click the [Pull valve] key to enter the pull valve state. At this time, the valve opening can be set to 0%~100%, which is used to check the accuracy and linearity of valve opening and closing positioning

    Overspeed test: the operator can check whether the electric overspeed test and the mechanical overspeed relay act correctly by raising the speed through the man-machine interface display screen and key operation

    Protection control function

    System status monitoring: there are corresponding status indicators on the human-computer interface and panel, which can easily check the alarm items

    Overspeed protection: the regulator contains software configuration overspeed protection and hardware speed-measuring board overspeed protection. When the speed exceeds the electrical overspeed alarm value, the electrical overspeed alarm signal will be output; When the speed exceeds the electrical overspeed shutdown value, the electrical overspeed shutdown signal will be output and the shutdown action will be carried out. The regulating valve will close and the speed will drop

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