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Key equipment operation status monitoring project of a chemical company in Hubei

The petrochemical industry is a pillar industry in China. The petrochemical industry has a long production line and a wide range. Sinopec Group alone has nearly 600OKM oil (gas) pipelines for crude oil, refined oil and natural gas. The oil fields, oil production plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, oil depots, gas stations, and oil (gas) pipelines of petrochemical enterprises are located in cities and towns across the country.
The petrochemical industry is another high-risk industry:
① The risk of materials involved in petrochemical production is high, and the probability of fire, explosion, group death and group injury accidents is high; ② Petrochemical production process technology is complex, operation conditions are harsh, and sudden catastrophic accidents are easy to occur;
③ Large-scale equipment, large production scale, strong continuity, and individual accidents affect the overall situation;
④ The equipment is technology-intensive and capital-intensive, resulting in large property losses in accidents.
Therefore, it is of great significance to monitor the operation status of key equipment.1111111