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XDG3000 series monitoring and protection instrument project closing review meeting


The XDG3000 series, as the development task in 2016, has been proceeding in an orderly manner. The project closure review meeting was successfully held in December. Through the preliminary trial production and other work, all departments unanimously highly recognized the product.
XDG3000 series instrument is a new generation of fully intelligent digital instrument with high-performance embedded microcontroller as the core. The digital processing technology based on high-performance embedded processor and the adoption of high-precision A/D conversion chip improve the processing ability of the instrument to the measured signal and realize the fully intelligent functional operation. It can independently measure various state parameters of rotating machinery (including rotating speed, axial displacement, differential expansion, shaft vibration, bearing vibration and impactor knock out and other parameters), monitor the working state and operating parameters of the instrument in real time, and add the function of automatic setting; The software completes the functions of automatic collection, intelligent analysis, automatic error correction and logic protection of the measured data; The operation status and collected data of each measuring point can be queried in real time through network communication.