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State integrated protection device

State integrated protection device

State integrated protection device


Combined with data acquisition (DAS), turbine bypass control system (BPC), digital electro-hydraulic control system (DEH), turbine trip protection system (ETS) and turbine safety monitoring system (TSI), based on the comprehensive analysis of process data and technical status data, four major functions of turbine monitoring, alarm, control and protection are realized.

Process control protection device series

  • XDG6100/XDG6200 series steam turbine digital regulator can replace Woodward. 505XDG6100 steam turbine digital regulator is mainly used to control KB series small turbine driving water pump, fan and other non-generator units. The device receives two speed feedback signals and has two linearized valve position control outputs. It can cooperate with various actuators to control the speed, such as Japan Glory Actuator. XDG6200/XDG6200E steam turbine digital regulator is mainly used to control small and medium-sized steam turbine units. XDG6200 is used to control condensing, back pressure and steam make-up steam turbines, and XDG6200E is used to control single-extraction steam turbines

    Turbine digital governor

  • The main components of the electro-hydraulic control system of the steam turbine are redundant controllers, PLCs, isolators, contactors and power supplies of international famous brands, equipped with special automatic control equipment software with high reliability and powerful functions, which is safe, reliable, less maintenance, and has virtual simulation function, which improves the safety of system commissioning. MEH boiler feed pump turbine electro-hydraulic control system is used to control the small steam turbine that drives the boiler feed pump. DEH steam turbine electro-hydraulic control system can control condensing, back pressure, steam make-up, single extraction and back extraction steam turbines

    MEH/DEH turbine electro-hydraulic control system

  • The ETS steam turbine emergency trip system continuously receives the alarm and shutdown signals of the TSI system, boiler FSSS system, DEH system and other equipment of the steam turbine generator unit online, and performs comprehensive logic judgment and processing. In case of failure to ensure the normal operation of the thermal system and equipment or endangering the safety of the equipment, it is one of the most important protection systems in the thermal control equipment of the power station to timely send out various shutdown/alarm, trip the unit, close the extraction check valve and other protection signals to make the turbine unit stop safely and provide shutdown diagnosis information for the DCS and SOE systems. The system is based on programmable logic controller (PLC) and uses several CPUs, power supplies and 1/0, which greatly improves the reliability and flexibility of the protection system

    ETS turbine emergency trip system

  • The electrical control and protection system is an automatic control and detection device based on programmable logic controller (PLC). The microprocessor is used to collect and calculate the field signals and send out alarm and shutdown instructions. Display the operation status and real-time data on the panel instrument and human-machine interface, store the fault history records through the human-machine interface, and provide fault prediction and shutdown information for the safe operation of large mechanical equipment. The whole system has high reliability and flexibility, and can realize automatic monitoring of local and central control room. It is widely used in the protection and electrical control of large machinery in cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial sites

    Electrical control and protection system

  • XDG6900 instrument and electrical integrated distributed control system is a comprehensive automatic system composed of Ethernet and control network connected by field bus technology, including various engineer stations, operator stations, field control stations (including main control unit equipment and 1/0 unit equipment), communication control stations and data servers. Relying on the computer network, connect all kinds of control equipment and data processing equipment together to realize the information sharing and coordination of all parts, so as to realize the functions of decentralized control and centralized management and operation. DCS distributed control technology is adopted in the system, which mainly realizes the functions of automatic starting or stopping of steam turbine, steady speed or parameter detection of speed regulating port, equipment protection and power generation system control. The complete XDG6900 system is composed of the following parts: data acquisition (DAS), turbine bypass control system (BPC), digital electro-hydraulic control system (DEH), turbine trip protection system (ETS) and turbine safety monitoring system (TSI). The CRT-centric operation and control mode is adopted. Product range

    DCS instrument and electric integrated distributed control system

Process control protection device for condition monitoring