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Steel industry


Steel industry

The steel industry is an important metal industry, which includes various activities such as steel mining, processing, manufacturing, and sales. The steel produced by the steel industry is mainly used for the manufacturing of mechanical equipment, construction of buildings, bridges, and vehicles, and is one of the most important industrial materials in the world.

At present, the protection technology of belt conveyors is not mature and often relies on strengthening maintenance to reduce accidents. However, the visual inspection and perception of inspectors cannot completely avoid the occurrence of malignant accidents such as belt breakage and sliding. So it is particularly important to give early warning of belt unit faults and try to control them in their early stages. Our company produces a vibration temperature inspection table for rotating machinery. By monitoring the driving device of the belt conveyor, we can greatly understand the working status of the motor, identify problems in advance, take protective measures, and protect the motor. This can effectively avoid or prevent the expansion of faults and reduce the probability of major accidents.


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Solution advantages



Eliminate faults in the bud, extend the service life of the belt unit, and save equipment investment for the belt unit.The protection of the belt conveyor unit is automated and intelligent, greatly reducing manual operations and saving a large amount of manual equipment maintenance.

When the belt conveyor malfunctions, the corresponding belt unit will automatically alarm and stop, saving energy.



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Comprehensive product and service series to create plant-wide solutions


Main products of various series applied in the industry


Serial NumberProduct NameModelSupporting sensors
1SensorXDG3212YXDG1100 series magnetoelectric speed sensor
2TransmitterXDG3288GPT100 temperature sensor、XDG1100 Magnetoelectric Speed Sensor
3Wireless intelligent vibration transmitterXDG2901/XDG2905 


More Industry Solutions

Thermal power generation project of 15MW unit in a thermal power plant in Henan

In modern thermal power generation, due to the particularity and complexity of the production process and equipment operation, the equipment components are in the state of overload fatigue operation for a long time, which greatly increases the frequency of equipment maintenance and replacement. In the long run, it can not guarantee safe and efficient production, but also increases the cost of equipment maintenance and operation of enterprises.

4MW wind turbine unit of a wind farm in Xinjiang

Wind turbines will endure many unpredictable operating conditions for a long time, which will cause very serious adverse effects on the operation of the units. If problems can be found and solved as soon as possible, the availability of fans will be improved and the maintenance cost will be reduced.