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How do you measure whether your machine is in the best condition? This is very simple - the quality and reliability of the new Doug condition monitoring sensor is unmatched. Our industrial sensors include eddy current sensors, speed sensors, acceleration sensors, speed sensors, multi-parameter sensors, and displacement sensors.

Sensor Family Category

  • Eddy current sensors are mainly used in the dynamic and static non-contact displacement measurement of large rotating machinery such as steam turbines, water turbines, blowers, compressors, gearboxes, large cooling pumps, etc. in the power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. The excellent static stability can monitor the displacement status of equipment for a long time, and the wide frequency response can also measure the physical status of rotating machinery such as shaft vibration and rotational speed. The overall intrinsically safe design has been approved by the national explosion-proof inspection authority

    Eddy current sensor

  • The magnetoelectric speed sensor is an inertial sensor. It uses the magnetoelectric induction principle to transform the vibration signal into a voltage signal. The voltage value is proportional to the vibration speed value. The advantages of high signal-to-noise ratio and low output impedance are widely used. Intrinsically safe design sensors can be used in flammable and explosive dangerous places

    Magnetoelectric speed sensor

  • Piezoelectric velocity/acceleration sensor is based on the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric crystal and belongs to inertial sensor. For vibration measurement of various equipment, compared with magnetoelectric speed sensor, the frequency response is wider and the volume is smaller, which is the best choice for vibration analysis. The sensor is equipped with an IEPE charge-to-voltage circuit. The isolated two-core low-impedance voltage output can be connected with a two-core shielded cable for long-distance transmission, and the connection with the instrument is simple and reliable. Intrinsically safe certification level: Exial CT6 Ga

    Piezoelectric speed/acceleration sensor

  • The magnetoresistance speed sensor adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve the purpose of speed measurement. It has large output signal, good anti-interference performance, no need for external power supply, and can be used in harsh environments such as smoke, oil and gas, water and gas

    Intrinsic safety certification level ExialCT6Ga

    Magnetoresistance speed sensor

  • The magnetic speed sensor adopts SMR sensitive elements, and is triggered by iron and steel magnets. It has wide frequency response, good stability, strong anti-interference ability and other characteristics. It has an amplification and shaping circuit inside, and can output a square wave with stable amplitude. It can realize long-distance transmission, and can be used to measure speed, angular displacement, etc

    Magnetic speed sensor

  • Multi-parameter sensor is a multi-parameter output composite sensor, which can simultaneously measure bearing vibration and temperature signals. All components of this product have passed the strict aging screening treatment. The stainless steel shell is used, and laser welding is used. After careful installation and calibration, the epoxy resin is fully sealed and filled, which can realize long-term debugging free operation. It is applied to multi-parameter measurement of gears, bearings and transmission shafts of industrial rotating machinery, rail transit, intelligent ships and other transmission systems

    Multi-parameter sensor

  • The displacement sensor is designed for measuring the cylinder expansion, valve position travel (hydraulic servomotor) and oil tank level of the steam turbine unit. It is also suitable for other industries where measurement is required. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, stable operation, good reliability and long service life

    Displacement Sensor

  • The magnetic float of the magnetic column water level gauge is transmitted to the column indicator linearly with the change of the liquid level. The liquid level can be clearly observed by displaying red below the liquid level and white above the liquid level. The 4~20mA signal is output when the liquid level is displayed. The purpose of remote display and control of the liquid level can be achieved through the combination with the secondary instrument. The sensor is developed according to Archimedes principle and the property of combining magnetic material with mechanical principle

    Magnetic column level sensor

  • Thermal resistance sensor is a special temperature measuring element for generator, motor and other large equipment. With high reliability, good seismic resistance, stable performance and short response time, components are extremely important components to ensure long-term safe operation of large motors and generators

    Product line:

    Assembled thermal resistance

    Armored thermal resistance

    Face type thermal resistance

Industrial sensors for condition monitoring