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Fault diagnosis and analysis system

Fault diagnosis and analysis system

Fault diagnosis and analysis system


Combined with data acquisition (DAS), turbine bypass control system (BPC), digital electro-hydraulic control system (DEH), turbine trip protection system (ETS) and turbine safety monitoring system (TSI), based on the comprehensive analysis of process data and technical status data, four major functions of turbine monitoring, alarm, control and protection are realized.

Fault Diagnosis and Analysis System Series

  • The intelligent spot inspection instrument is an intrinsically safe intelligent mobile spot inspection terminal built by our company for many industries including petrochemical, which is suitable for industrial and management needs. This product combines interconnection, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and modern industrial production, and integrates a variety of sensors such as non-contact point reading, remote temperature measurement, vibration monitoring, etc.

    Intelligent spot check instrument

  • The portable vibration tester is used to collect the vibration of the equipment and analyze it to determine the cause and mechanism of the fault. It also has many functions such as on-site vibration data measurement, vibration analysis and dynamic balance. It is convenient and easy to use. It can be used for dynamic balance test of rotating machinery on site to save the time and cost of rotor disassembly, transportation and installation.

    MEH/portable vibration tester

  • Portable vibration acquisition analyzer, which can be used both offline and online, is used for the steam turbine unit to obtain the original vibration buffered output signal from the TSI system or directly obtain the original vibration signal from the vibration sensor end for signal conditioning and acquisition; Perform sensitive monitoring, generate and store useful data such as startup and shutdown data; Generate a rich professional diagnosis map.

    Portable vibration acquisition analyzer

  • The online status monitoring and fault analysis device of rotating machinery adopts a modular structure, which can provide continuous online parameter monitoring, safety protection, fault analysis, remote data transmission and fault diagnosis for the operation of various types of rotating machinery.

    On-line vibration monitoring protection and fault analysis device

Fault Diagnosis and Analysis System for Condition Monitoring