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Petrochemical industry


Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is a pillar industry in China. Mainly processing and selling crude oil and natural gas. For example, processing into diesel, kerosene, gasoline, asphalt, paraffin, sulfur (a byproduct of natural gas), plastics, rubber, fibers, chemicals, etc.

Petrochemical companies continue to increase their efforts in resource exploration and development, strengthen the leadership of technological innovation, promote green and low-carbon development, strive to achieve breakthroughs in exploration, stable growth of crude oil, and significant development of natural gas, and accelerate the construction of an independent, controllable, safe, and reliable energy security system.




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Solution advantages



The petrochemical industry is another high-risk industry:

1. The risk of materials involved in petrochemical production is high, with a high probability of fire, explosion, and group death and injury accidents;

2. The petrochemical production process technology is complex, the operating conditions are harsh, and sudden catastrophic accidents are prone to occur;

3. Large scale equipment, large production scale, strong continuity, and individual accidents affecting the overall situation;

4. Device technology is intensive, capital is intensive, and accidents result in significant property losses.

Therefore, monitoring the operational status of key equipment is of great significance.



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Comprehensive product and service series to create plant-wide solutions


Main products of various series applied in the industry


Serial NumberProduct NameModelSupporting sensors
1Piezoelectric integrated vibration transmitterXDG2205 
2Three parameter combination transmitterXDG2803 
3Intelligent inspection alarm deviceXDG3128PT100 temperature sensor
4Vibration monitoring instrumentXDG3212XDG1100 series magnetoelectric speed sensor
5Instrument junction box  


More Industry Solutions

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In modern thermal power generation, due to the particularity and complexity of the production process and equipment operation, the equipment components are in the state of overload fatigue operation for a long time, which greatly increases the frequency of equipment maintenance and replacement. In the long run, it can not guarantee safe and efficient production, but also increases the cost of equipment maintenance and operation of enterprises.

4MW wind turbine unit of a wind farm in Xinjiang

Wind turbines will endure many unpredictable operating conditions for a long time, which will cause very serious adverse effects on the operation of the units. If problems can be found and solved as soon as possible, the availability of fans will be improved and the maintenance cost will be reduced.