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Jiangsu Xindaoge Automatic Control Solutions Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 1979. She is an expert high-tech enterprise in the field of rotating equipment monitoring and protection. Seizing the strategic opportunity of Digital transformation and upgrading, and aiming at the development needs of equipment digitalization, networking, integration and intelligence, the company provides customers with professional solutions and products in the fields of sensing, data processing, monitoring and protection, fault diagnosis, and prognostics health management.

  The company is located in Jiangyin, Jiangsu. She is one of the few domestic manufacturers that independently research and produce similar products. She covers an area of 63500 square meters, with a building area of 49500 square meters. She has a sensor workshop, instrument workshop, control cabinet workshop, metalworking workshop, environmental laboratory, electrical performance laboratory, sensor calibration and testing laboratory. The company's products mainly include sensors, transmitters, monitoring and protection instruments, automation control systems, and rotating machinery status monitoring and fault diagnosis systems. Among them, most products have obtained MA/KA, CCC (China), explosion-proof (EX-NEPSI) and other certifications.


The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and development. Guided by the task of intelligent equipment development, she carries out key technology research on intelligent monitoring and collaborative control, integrates multidisciplinary research and development systems, and builds a key core technological convergence innovation system. She has established Jiangsu graduate workstation, Jiangsu "Digital Future" integration innovation center, and Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Intelligent Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System of Rotating Machinery, Jiangsu Marine Engineering and Ship Information Technology Joint Research and Development Center, Wuxi Enterprise Technology Center, and Hohai University Industry University Research Cooperation Platform. She has won many certificates and honors, such as Jiangsu high-tech enterprises, "AAA" credit rating, Jiangsu private science and technology enterprises, Wuxi Business Secret Show house, Wuxi Young Eagle Enterprises, etc.

With the tenet of "Integrity, Unity, Pioneering, and Innovation", the people in XDG will refine, strengthen, and expand their national products relying on nearly 40 years of experience accumulation. They will make greater contributions to China's intelligent manufacturing with leaner skills, higher quality products, and more comprehensive services.

Corporate Culture

Strategic Positioning

Expert in Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery Equipment

Corporate Vision

Becoming an industry expert in health management of rotating machinery equipment

Corporate Purpose

Innovation driven, following the principles of nature, and seeking knowledge from different things

Corporate Mission

Refine, strengthen, and expand national products; Make greater contributions to China's intellectual creation

Dao, Dharma, Nature, and Knowledge