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XDG1100 magnetoelectric speed sensor

XDG1100 magnetoelectric speed sensor

Intrinsically safe design sensors can be used in flammable and explosive dangerous places.


The magnetoelectric speed sensor is an inertial sensor. It uses the magnetoelectric induction principle to transform the vibration signal into a voltage signal. The voltage value is proportional to the vibration speed value. The advantages of high signal-to-noise ratio and low output impedance are widely used. Intrinsically safe design sensors can be used in flammable and explosive dangerous places.

Our product portfolio

  • · The output signal is proportional to the vibration speed, which can take into account the vibration measurement fields of high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency

    · The sensor has low output impedance and good signal-to-noise ratio. There are no special requirements for output plugs and cables, which is convenient to use& nbsp;

    · The sensor design eliminates the moving elements with friction, so it has good flexibility and can measure small vibration (0.01 mm). The sensor has certain anti-lateral vibration capability (no more than 10g peak value)

    · It can be used to measure the vibration of bearing pedestal, casing or structure (absolute vibration relative to inertia space). It is directly installed outside the machine, which is extremely convenient for use and maintenance

    · The shell adopts the laser welding process of stainless steel shell, and the protection level can reach IP65

  • Smart Min Degree 50、30、28.5、20mV/mm/s± 5% optional; (Temperature 20 ℃± 5 ℃, measured at 80 Hz and speed of 10 mm/s)
    Amplitude limit ≤ 2000μ M (peak to peak)
    Frequency response 10Hz ~1000Hz (±3dB)
    Maximum acceleration 10g
    Measurement direction Vertical or horizontal
    Operating ambient temperature Ordinary type: (- 30~80) ℃; High temperature type: (- 30~200) ℃
    Relative humidity ≤ 95% RH (non condensing)
    Working environment No strong magnetic field and corrosive gas and liquid around
    Overall dimension & nbsp; Φ 32× 73.5mm;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;
    Re & nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Quantity About 200g
    Protection grade IP67

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