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Convert the signal output by the sensor into standard signal, including vibration/intensity, shaft vibration, axial displacement, speed, and travel transmitter.

Transmitter Family Category

  • XDG2000 series transmitter adopts modular design, featuring high accuracy, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and convenient installation. It can be widely used in electric power, machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. It is suitable for the monitoring system design of small and medium-sized rotating machinery, especially for the technical transformation of old units. Product range

    XDG2000 Series Transmitter

  • The integrated vibration transmitter integrates the speed sensor and precision measuring circuit together, realizing the traditional“ Sensor+transmitter” The function of the mode vibration measurement system is suitable for building an economical and high-precision vibration measurement system. It provides 4-20mA current output corresponding to the measured value, and has fault tolerance protection. It has excellent stability, reliability, and strong anti-interference ability. The transmitter can be directly connected to DCS, PLC or other systems, and is an ideal choice for vibration measurement of fans, pumps and other plant equipment. The piezoelectric integrated transmitter has the advantages of wider response frequency range, less damage to mechanical moving parts, smaller sensor mass and better dynamic characteristics than the magnetoelectric integrated transmitter. Reliable intrinsically safe design enables the integrated vibration transmitter system to be applied in flammable and explosive environment, with intrinsically safe certification level of ExialCT6Ga

    XDG2200 Series Integrated Vibration Transmitter

  • Multi-parameter (oil temperature, oil level, vibration) combined transmitter is a general combined transmitter with non-bus structure. This combined probe applied to the safe operation monitoring of the fan reducer has integrated the sensing, conversion and transmission circuits for measuring the oil temperature, oil level and vibration signals inside, directly outputting the 4~20mA standard current signals corresponding to these safety parameters, and can be connected with various general secondary instruments or computer digital acquisition and monitoring systems (DCS, PLC, etc.). Semiconductor integrated sensor is used for temperature measurement in the probe; The oil level measurement adopts the thermal conductivity sensing principle: the magneto-electric sensor used for vibration measurement can directly obtain the speed signal of mechanical vibration. Through the amplifier, band-pass filter and true RMS converter, the complex vibration waveform within the effective bandwidth is converted to true RMS, and finally 4~20mA output is generated by the voltage/current drive circuit. The combined probe is a small integrated all-stainless steel anti-corrosion structure, and its output transmission mode has a long line anti-interference ability. With good sealing, seismic and explosion-proof measures, it can work online for a long time in the harsh environment of the measurement site. The combined probe can easily obtain the important parameters closely related to the safe operation of the measured object at the same time, so it is also very suitable for the direct safety monitoring of other rotating machinery, reciprocating machinery and other equipment, and is an essential vibration safety monitoring unit for modern industry, national defense and scientific research. Product range

    XDG2802 two-parameter combined transmitter (vibration+temperature)

    XDG2803 three-parameter combined transmitter (vibration+temperature+oil level) XDG2804 four-parameter combined transmitter (vibration X/Y/Z+oil level)

  • Multi-functional intelligent transmitter can obtain real-time acceleration/velocity/displacement/temperature signals and transmit them through wireless channels; The signal of the receiving device is transferred to the industrial control computer through Ethernet, serial port, wireless and other means. The monitoring software and PHM system perform vibration parameter calculation, real-time data display, trend data display, and provide historical data management and automatic report functions for the data

    XDG2900 Series Multifunctional Smart Transmitter

  • Vibration monitoring is a means of early fault alarm for machines. The electronic vibration switch can detect the abnormal vibration of the machine and predict the damage of the machine. When the vibration exceeds the allowable value, the vibration switch will provide an alarm, turn off the power and protect the machine

    XDG-YZHK Electronic Vibration Switch

Industrial transmitters for condition monitoring