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XDG1000 eddy current sensor

XDG1000 eddy current sensor

Dynamic and static non-contact displacement measurement, long-term monitoring of equipment displacement status


Eddy current sensors are mainly used in the dynamic and static non-contact displacement measurement of large rotating machinery such as steam turbines, water turbines, blowers, compressors, gearboxes, large cooling pumps, etc. in the power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. The excellent static stability can monitor the displacement status of equipment for a long time, and the wide frequency response can also measure the physical status of rotating machinery such as shaft vibration and rotational speed. The overall intrinsically safe design has been approved by the national explosion-proof inspection authority.

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  • XDG1000 eddy current sensor is a non-contact linear measuring tool, which has the advantages ofgood long-term reliability, wide measuring range, high sensitivity, high resolution, fast response, strong anti-interference, and not affected by oil pollution and other media Dynamic and static non-contact displacement measurement of large rotating machinery such as large cooling pump. It can be used to measure the radial and axial displacement, differential expansion, shaft eccentricity, shaft vibration, key phase and rotational speed of the shaft. The product conforms to API 670 4th edition standard of American Petroleum Institute, and some products can replace Bentley

  • · XDG1000φ 8mm

    · XDG1000φ 11mm

    · XDG1000φ 25mm

    According to the total length of the system cable (probe cable length+extension cable length), it can be divided into two types: 5m and 9m, and DIN rail installation or base plate installation is provided

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