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XDG6900 Turbine Distributed Control System

XDG6900 Turbine Distributed Control System

XDG6900 instrument and electrical integrated distributed control system is an integrated automation system composed of Ethernet and control network connected by field bus technology, including various engineer stations, operator stations...


The system adopts DCS distributed control technology, which mainly realizes the functions of automatic start or stop of steam turbine, steady speed or speed regulation, parameter detection, equipment protection and power generation system control. The complete XDG6900 system is composed of the following parts: data acquisition (DAS), turbine bypass control system (BPC), digital electro-hydraulic control system (DEH), turbine trip protection system (ETS) and turbine safety monitoring system (TSI). The CRT-centric operation and control mode is adopted.

Our product portfolio

  • Controller redundancy switching time:< 80ms
    System control cycle:< 30ms
    Human machine interface resolution: 1280× 1024
    Screen refresh time:< 0.5s
    Screen data update time:< 0.5s
    Total time from the keyboard (mouse) issuing the operation command to the return signal displayed on the LCD:< 1s network form: redundant industrial Ethernet
    Communication standard: TCP/IP
    Communication rate: 100Mb/s
    Number of network nodes supported by the system: 255 stations
    Maximum scanning time: 10ms
    Analog signal accuracy:<& plusmn; 0.1%
    Analog output load capacity: 750&Omega< br /> Availability:> 99.9%

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