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Re-take the ancient Hui-Hangzhou Road and inherit the spirit of Huizhou merchants


      On April 27th and 28th, the company carefully organized the outdoor expansion activity of "Rewalking the ancient Huihang Road and inheriting the spirit of Huishang".  

     On the 27th, under the leadership of the general manager of Chengmin Steel, he made a brief explanation and mobilized the enthusiasm of the event, and visited the Hu family in Longchuan. It is better to travel thousands of miles than read thousands of books. In only half a day, it is not only the appreciation of Huizhou residential and elegant scenery, the recognition of a clan, but also the essence of history to Huizhou merchants: hard work, honesty and trustworthiness; Unity and mutual assistance, and the combination of Jia and Ru; The cognitive inheritance process of benevolence and charity for the benefit of Sangzi.
On the 28th, with the theme of "appreciating the natural scenery and uniting the strength of the team", the hiking fitness activity was started. The route from the Huihang Ancient Road - the first pass in the south of the Yangtze River - Huangmao Pei - Xiaxue Tang - Lantianao - Yongle Village was 18 kilometers long. The ancient Hui-Hangzhou Road has witnessed the prosperity and hardship of Huizhou merchants, and is engraved with a bright cultural context. It is not only an important channel for ancient trade, but also a thick cultural heritage.
Walking on the steep ancient road and talking with the gurgling streams, the mountains are like traditional Chinese paintings, and the water is like splashing ink. Today's hiking is also a spiritual exchange between contemporary Huizhou merchants and ancient ancestors in time and space. The hiking process can be described as both hard and happy. Although it was hard and tiring all the way, no one stopped to participate.

      This outdoor expansion activity urges every employee to have a belief, responsibility and responsibility. A team has a power to apply full passion to daily work, expand free thinking, and make their work innovative, breakthrough and successful.