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On May 20, 2017, our company carried out the internal audit training of ISO9000 quality management system. The leaders of the company and the heads of all departments participated in the internal audit study.
In this internal audit study, Chengmin Steel, Chen Yuhua and Chen Yunxia were the team leaders to combine the actual management of our company with ISO9000 quality management. While learning and auditing according to the standard terms, it not only clarified the audit requirements for routine management work, but also provided guidance for the inspection of key work of each department, and achieved the combination of points and areas, thus achieving the expected goal of internal audit and learning. From the learning results of the internal audit of the quality management system, in order to make the relevant departments more targeted and efficient, the company decided to form a review report as soon as possible, list the report in detail, and propose corrective and preventive measures for these listed items.
Quality is controlled by people. As long as it is human, it is inevitable to make mistakes in one way or another. So how to prevent less mistakes or try not to give you the chance to make mistakes is the essence of ISO9000 family standards. Preventive measures are an important improvement activity. It is spontaneous, active and advanced. Exploring and practicing the new ideas and methods of the internal audit of our quality management system is a way to strengthen the company's quality control and effectively improve the management level in combination with the company's actual situation. This training will help to implement the quality management system standards, achieve continuous improvement and accelerate the standardization, scientificity and effectiveness of our ISO9000 quality management system.