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Take enterprise as home and work together to create brilliance


 In order to improve the team cooperation ability and enterprise cohesion of employees, and enhance the feelings among employees, the company organized all employees to carry out outdoor expansion training activities in Changzhou Wujin Longfeng Valley Expansion Base on October 14, 2017 (Saturday). All the participants carried forward the enterprise spirit of "integrity, unity, pioneering and enterprising", actively participated, dared to undertake and dare to challenge, and successfully completed all the training programs. Throughout the process, the new Doug team gradually demonstrated that we are an excellent team that "obeys the command and can win". Under the careful guidance of the instructor and the conscientious leadership of the team leaders, with the goal of winning the team honor, we learned the importance of mutual communication and trust from multiple projects, and treated everything with a cautious attitude, seeking common ground while reserving differences, realizing ourselves in each task, and finding real happiness.


  After arriving at the venue, the first group project, the Austrian Queen's Circle, makes everyone feel the importance of teamwork and mutual trust in a relaxed atmosphere. The following random grouping activities, such as taking team names, chanting slogans, forming songs and posing, all of a sudden brought us closer to each other, letting us put aside our identities, put down our duties and fight together for the honor of the team.

Austrian Queen's Circle


Next, the following projects were also carried out: meeting on a narrow path, inspiring and flying, passionate rhythm, bead spread for thousands of miles, not falling down the forest, jigsaw puzzle, and the power of rope circle. Their common feature is to make concerted efforts. The most important thing for members of each team is how to organize, coordinate and cooperate. In the face of difficulties and challenges, all of us are cohesive, fully reflecting the spirit of challenging ourselves and melting the team. During the progress of each project, members of the team have strengthened their confidence and courage to overcome difficulties, improved their determination to persevere in the face of difficulties, and overcome the thinking pattern of acting only by feeling. There is no impossibility, beyond oneself can create miracles.


Don't topple the forest


Inspire and fly


Zhuchuan Wanli




The power of the loop


From outward bound training to actual work, we have benefited a lot. With the development of society, the possibility of completing all tasks by one person is very small. Therefore, the overall efficiency of the team is extremely important. To maintain the best state of the whole team and make it an all-conquering combat group, it is necessary to enhance mutual understanding and mutual trust. The arrangement and design of this outward bound training project let everyone have a deep experience, which will greatly improve the efficiency and quality of mutual cooperation in specific work and teams.
The outward bound training is short, but its impact on us is far-reaching. We should apply what we have learned in the outward bound training to our future work, so that our team can change from excellence to excellence, and create the brilliance of Doug!