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Jiangyin Port Branch of Minjin held the fifth branch organizational life in 2017


In the afternoon of October 12, the Jiangyin Lingang Branch of Minjin carried out the fifth organizational life in 2017 at Jiangsu New Doug Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd.
Since 2016, New Doug has integrated high-tech, information technology and the production of instruments and meters. Relying on the past 40 years of experience in the R&D, production and sales of sensors, industrial control equipment, rotating machinery status monitoring protection and fault diagnosis systems and other series of products, it has become a high-tech enterprise with an annual sales of more than 120 million yuan, and is one of the largest manufacturers in the same industry in China, It has become a leader in the domestic rotating machinery protection industry, and has made great contributions to China's intelligent manufacturing with its lean technology, high-quality products and perfect services.
At first, Cheng Minggang, a member of the branch and the general manager of New Doug Technology Co., Ltd., led the members to visit the company's panorama, demonstrated the scientific research project of Internet plus "instrumentation", and gave a popular science lecture on "technology changes society" for the members. During the field visit, members had a real perceptual understanding of the new economic form of "Internet plus", benefited a lot from this visit and study, and really understood the model of the new economic development form of "Internet plus".
Then Jiang Yi, the head of the branch, organized the members to carefully study the report of Secretary Chen Jinhu at the third plenary (expanded) meeting of the 13th Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee, "Raise the banner of reform and development, set the goal of enriching the people and benefiting the people, and welcome the victory of the 19th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements". Through learning, the members learned about Jiangyin's achievements in the first half of the year and the tasks in the second half of the year. The meeting called on all members to strengthen their confidence, muster up their energy, concentrate on work and work hard to speed up the construction of a new Jiangyin "strong rich, beautiful and high", and welcome the victory of the 19th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.
At the meeting, we also learned the Five-Year Work Outline of the Jiangyin Municipal Committee of the People's Liberation Movement (2016-2021), which clearly defined the development goals of the Jiangyin People's Liberation Movement in the next five years, and the action path of the development of the Jiangyin People's Liberation Movement in the next five years, and clearly defined the "five major projects" that the Jiangyin People's Liberation Movement will focus on in the next five years, such as system optimization, organizational identification, ideological determination, ability improvement, and service brand building, We should strive to build Jiangyin Democratic Progressive Party into a contingent of political parties that adapt to the requirements of the times, demonstrate their own characteristics, high quality and promising.
Chairman Jiang Yi made a key arrangement for the work of members' participation in politics, deliberation and suggestions as the main responsibilities of democratic parties, highlighting the requirement that all members should take seriously the "Three Ones" work, implement the annual routine tasks in place, base on their own work, focus on the overall situation of social life, focus on the hot spots and focus of attention in the lives of the people, and strive to reflect the characteristics of the branch, social sentiment and public opinion, and research reports It has practical results and contributes to the branch construction and party development.
This branch activity combined field investigation with theoretical study, innovated the way of organizing activities, expanded the members' vision, increased their insight, stimulated their awareness of membership, and developed their ability to participate in and discuss politics during the investigation and study. (Dong Jun)