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500 elites walk together to experience the revitalization of rural areas in West China


  On the morning of December 16, under the leadership of General Manager Cheng Minggang, five staff representatives of our company participated in the third "Jiyang Talent" elite hiking competition in Jiangyin. Walk all the way north from Huaxi Village Cultural Center Square to "Tiananmen" on Longsha Mountain, and then turn back from "Tiananmen". The whole journey is 10 kilometers, with a total climb of 198 meters.

  Eight big drums were sounded, and the red flags of elites from all walks of life were displayed on the square. At 8:30 a.m., the third elite cross-country hiking event in Jiangyin in 2017 was launched. Zhai Jing, the secretary of the Huashi Town Party Committee, and Wu Xien, the secretary of the Huaxi Village Party Committee, delivered speeches. Cui Rongguo, the deputy secretary of the Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee and the head of the organization of the Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee, announced the start of the elite hiking event.


   With the firing of the starting gun, nearly 500 industry elites and leading talents from all lines in Jiangyin, in groups of 6 and 82, braved difficulties and faced challenges directly. Perhaps this is the temperament, nature and responsibility of the elites.


  Entering from the gate of Longxi Hunan, going east and then north, is a long bridge connected by 15 famous bridges from all over the country, which runs through the north and south of Longxi Lake and divides Longxi Lake into east and west waters. General Bridge, Prime Minister Bridge, Five Pavilions Bridge and Tongzhou Bridge have pavilions. Huilan Bridge is a corridor bridge. It is connected with Jade Belt Bridge, Zhaozhou Bridge, Girl Bridge and Sister-in-law Bridge. It lies on the sparkling lake. Longxi Lake is particularly beautiful because of this long bridge.

   After running through all kinds of bridges, we came to Longxi Lake Villa. Rows of European-style villas, with an area ranging from 400 to 600 square meters, face the lake and are close to the mountain, and are inhabited by ordinary villagers in Huaxi Village. While lamenting the prosperity of Huaxi Village, the elites deeply felt that if China is to be strong, agriculture must be strong; To be beautiful in China, the countryside must be beautiful; If China wants to be rich, farmers must be rich. Huaxi people have already done it step by step. Huaxi Village is indeed a banner of China's new socialist countryside construction.
Go west along the tarmac road near the lake, pass the entrance of the Great Wall, and go straight up the mountain. The slope of the road is not high. After two or three turns, you reach the foot of the "Tiananmen", climb up the steps, and soon reach the "Tiananmen". The north wind is surging. On the tower of "Tiananmen", red flags hunt. Overlooking West China, this rural city has so many beautiful scenery.

   At the "Tiananmen", if you continue to walk eastward along the "Great Wall", you can reach the "Shanhaiguan". The happiness of West China people is that they can walk and exercise in the mountains and rivers without leaving the village, and they can travel all over the "whole China" while exercising.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Yes, life is like walking. No matter how ambitious the goal is, no matter how ambitious the ideal is, as long as you work one step at a time, year after year, the goal will always come true and the dream will come true. The realization of the goal requires the spirit of walking. The dream of the West Chinese people is "two hundred years": a hundred year enterprise and a hundred year village. Happiness is not a drizzle. It will not fall from the sky. We should work down-to-earth.

  Talents are strategic resources to achieve national rejuvenation and win the initiative in international competition. The elite is the navigator of the times, the vane of society, and the driving force of progress. The development of society needs the guidance of elites. This activity is mainly aimed at the industry elites and leading talents in Jiangyin, aiming to build a strong city and talent highland for Jiangyin, and create a good atmosphere in which everyone aspires to become a talent, everyone works hard to become a talent, everyone can become a talent, and everyone fully displays their talents. Let the creative vitality of all kinds of talents burst out and their talents flow fully, and provide intellectual support and guarantee for the construction of a new Jiangyin with "strong wealth, beautiful high".