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2017 Annual Summary and Advanced Recognition Conference


At 1:00 p.m. on February 2, 2018, our company held the 2017 annual summary and advanced commendation conference to celebrate the brilliant achievements of all work in the past year, to seek the new year's development strategy, to further summarize the experience, affirm the achievements, commend the advanced, inspire morale, and promote the leapfrog development of all work of the company with unified thinking and high struggle.
Don't forget your original intention and keep moving! In the past year, we focused on management, promoted research and development, and achieved fruitful results in scientific research; We should focus on production, focus on tackling difficulties, and promote production; We expand the market and go global, with products all over the world; We focus on marketing, promote sales, and exceed the target; Looking back, we are excited. In the past year, we have forged a team capable of fighting and enterprising, and many excellent teams and employees have emerged. They have created extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions. Looking forward to the future, we are more ambitious. We firmly believe that under the guidance of the exemplary force and direction of excellent employees, we will continue to open our wings and fly towards a higher blue sky and white clouds, and with faith and sweat, we will create a new glory for the new Doug company.
The meeting is divided into four major agenda items: the first item is to be addressed by the head of each department of the company; Second, the employee representative shall make a speech; Third, General Manager Chen Yuhua read out the Notice on Commending 2017's Advanced Awards; Fourth, please ask the general manager of Chengmin Steel to make a summary report for 2017 and the planning vision for 2018.


This conference is not only a summary meeting and commendation meeting, but also a mobilization meeting and encouragement meeting for unity and progress. Let's work together to fight for a better tomorrow for the new Doug!