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Operation class training of "quality education" system


On March 20, the company's management took part in a three-day quality education training in Ningbo under the leadership of Dr. Cheng. The system operation class of "big pattern, capable people are diligent" has let us baptize lead and harvest ideas. Rely on leadership to unite people; Rely on cultural power to unify ideas; Activate talents by mechanism; Implement strategy by control; Rely on system forces to replicate expansion. With the rapid development of society, enterprises must constantly grow themselves. In addition to establishing management systems and shaping corporate culture, the growth of enterprises can not be separated from the personal cultivation of executives. We will continue to spur ourselves and improve ourselves with the "Thirteen Principles of Executive Temperament Cultivation", and help the team and service enterprises with dedication. Under the vision of Dr. Cheng, we "New Doug Technology" will set sail and open up a new world!