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Pay attention to fire protection and cherish life


Knowledge protects life. In order to enhance employees' awareness of fire safety, at 2:00 p.m. on July 26, Wu Jiewen, a teacher from Wuxi Anmin Fire Service Center, gave a lively special lecture on fire safety knowledge for our employees.

Instructor Wu not only imparted all kinds of safety prevention knowledge about fire protection in theory, but also combined with typical fire accidents over the years, explained the importance of fire safety work in simple terms through a real case, using picture data and video data, and demonstrated the use and use of the "four treasures" of fire protection - environment-friendly water-based fire extinguishers, smoke masks, fire ropes, and safety hammers, Explained the fire safety knowledge such as fire escape skills, family life safety and fire use, and warned everyone that the fire safety awareness should not be careless, and we must be proactive.
Through this fire education activity, the employees' awareness of safety and fire prevention was enhanced, and they also learned a lot of self-protection measures, which greatly benefited everyone. In the future, we should strengthen the safety work, mobilize more employees to participate in the fire fighting work, eliminate potential fire hazards, and minimize the possibility of fire.