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The "second tier incubation" training of Geqin Education has ended


From December 6 to 7, 2018, 10 backbone members of New Doug, under the leadership of the Minister of Administration, jointly went to Siming Shanju, Tianma, Ningbo to participate in the "second-tier incubation" training organized by Geqin Education. Most of the members are the first time to get in touch with the training of Geqin. They are quite focused on the training, and they are fully engaged in it. At the same time, they also feel a different atmosphere. The keynote teacher, Wang Yinzheng, is impassioned and full of voice and emotion. From the thinking of improving the team's execution, to the "48-character scripture" of business culture, to the three major entrances of mechanism design, we have experienced a new training. We finally refreshed ourselves and presented the unique "morale display" of New Doug on the stage.                                                                    
During the two-day training, we worked hand in hand and cooperated with each other. We worked together to complete the challenges and successfully obtained the completion certificate. Despite the cold weather, everyone came home with warm hearts and full loads. They continued their passion to work in the future, better played their initiative, and contributed to the growth of the new Doug.