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Leaders and experts from Jiangyin Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology visited the company to review and accept the project of "emerging industry entrepreneurship leading talents"


In the afternoon of May 28, Jiangyin Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology organized experts to review the completion of the 2018 annual indicators of the company's "Jiangyin Emerging Industry Pioneer Talents" project. Liu Xiaowei, Deputy Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and Tao Yuke, Chief of the Intelligence Introduction Section, attended the meeting, accompanied by Chen Yunxia, Deputy General Manager of the Company, and Yang Fei, Director of the Administration Department.


During the audit, Director Liu and his delegation briefly learned about the company's sensors, monitoring and protection devices, and fault analysis systems in the field of monitoring and protection of rotating equipment, and visited the instrument production and manufacturing department, technical research and development department, product display center, engineering test center, etc. accompanied by Chen Yunxia, deputy general manager.

Subsequently, a panel discussion was held in the conference room of the company on the completion of the project of "emerging industry entrepreneurship leading talents". At the meeting, Director Liu Xiaowei said that the support of the state to encourage the cultivation of emerging industries has been greatly enhanced, and it is just the right time for enterprises to cultivate and develop emerging industries.
Since its establishment, the new Doug has developed steadily and continuously under the leadership of General Manager Dr. Cheng Minggang. Deputy General Manager Chen Yunxia expressed his appreciation for the visit of the leaders of the Bureau of Science and Technology, and said that he would continue to make the new Doug emerging industry bigger, stronger and more solid in the future work.