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Leaders of the High-tech Division of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology came to our company to investigate the innovation of enterprises


In the afternoon of May 31, Zhu Huazhang, director of the High-tech Office of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and his delegation, accompanied by Yao Min, member of the Chengjiang Sub-district Committee and the Science and Technology Office, visited the company to investigate the technological research and development and product innovation of enterprises.
Director Zhu and his party visited the product exhibition center, engineering test center, production and manufacturing department, and technology research and development department, accompanied by General Manager Cheng Minggang. During the process, Chengmin Steel warmly welcomed the arrival of Director Zhu and his delegation, and introduced the enterprise's technical team, research and development projects, and product innovation one by one. Director Zhu put forward many valuable suggestions to the company based on the preferential policies of Wuxi in high-tech enterprises, military-civilian integration and other aspects, and hoped that the company would grasp the new challenges and opportunities faced by the development of high-tech industries, strengthen independent innovation, and seize the opportunities to become stronger.