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Keep the original intention in mind and keep the mission in mind/2019 training for activists of the new Doug Party branch in Jiangsu


Don't forget your original intention and keep your mission in mind
2019 Jiangsu New Doug Party Branch Party membership activists training
On June 3, 2019, the training course for activists of joining the Party in Jiangyin (the fourth phase) was held at Jiangyin Party School. Wei Yi, the head of the technology department of the party activists of our company, and Li Jun, the head of the customer service department, actively participated in the training.
The training lasted for three days, and the teachers of the Party School of Jiangyin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China gave lectures on the spot.  
Through this training, the activists for joining the Party have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the Party's history and knowledge, improved their theoretical level and political literacy, further corrected their motivation for joining the Party, strengthened their belief in communism, improved their ideological awareness, and laid a solid ideological and theoretical foundation for joining the Party.

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