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The new Doug high quality management promotion class has graduated


The new Doug high quality management promotion class has graduated
From November 22 to 23, the fourth internal training course of "2019 Tsinghua Bauhinia Jiangsu New Doug High Quality Management Improvement Course", "Consultative Intensive Sales Training", and the fifth "Total Cost Management" ended two consecutive courses. At the same time, our company successfully completed a total of five internal training courses for all staff in 2019, and selected four outstanding students based on the results of the five courses. At 18:00 on November 23, the graduation ceremony of the high-quality management promotion class was held in the New Doug Marketing Hall. Cheng Minggang, the General Manager of New Doug, and Chen Yunxia, the Deputy General Manager, participated in the training and presented awards to the outstanding students at the graduation ceremony. Du Wenyan, the President of Zijing Academy, attended the graduation ceremony.

Chengmin Steel General Manager's graduation speech

Ms. Du Wenyan, General Manager of Chengmin Steel and President of Zijing Academy, issued graduation certificates to some students


Chen Yunxia, Deputy General Manager, presented awards to outstanding students


The fourth issue of "Consultative Intensive Sales Training" was held by Sun Feng, the special lecturer of Tsinghua Bauhinia P-MBA management class. Sun Feng has served Hongdou Group, Yalu Group, Gome and other large enterprises. With rich practical experience, in the course, Mr. Sun Feng profoundly explained how to do a good job in consultant sales, and the "Tianlong Eight Parts" of consultant sales. In the course, everyone spoke actively and practiced.

Sun Feng, instructor of consultant intensive sales training

Sun Feng, the instructor of consultant intensive sales training

The fifth issue of Total Cost Management was held by Li Fengjie, president of Beijing Huaxia Lean Research Institute and master of EBMA management from Tsinghua University. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, it is very important to do a good job of comprehensive cost management. In the course, Mr. Li Fengjie explained several waste phenomena in the production process. Through case sharing, game interaction and other forms, we can deeply understand that comprehensive cost is related to every new Doug family.

Lecture by Li Fengjie on total cost management

Practice is the only criterion to test truth. The end of the training class is the beginning of our action! Everyone has expressed their intention to apply what they have learned to practical work and life to better improve themselves and reflect their self-worth.