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Fire fighting knowledge is long and unremitting, and the alarm bell is always ringing | New Doug Technology successfully held fire fighting practice


In order to effectively strengthen the company's safety production work, improve the safety and fire fighting quality of all staff, safety prevention and self-rescue ability, on the morning of April 30, the New Doug Science and Technology Safety Committee successfully organized and implemented the fire fighting practice activity with the theme of "safety development and prevention first".
Comrade Tao Fangmin, a veteran of the armed police of our company, was the keynote speaker of this drill, and the members of the security working group actively cooperated.
Before the drill, Tao Fangmin gave a professional explanation of fire safety knowledge to all employees, demonstrating how to escape safely and how to use fire extinguishers and hydrants correctly.
Escape drill: when the fire alarm sounds, all the staff immediately enter the actual combat state: quickly cover their mouth and nose with wet towels, bow down, and escape orderly and quickly along the right side of the stairs (the left side of the stairs is reserved for the fire rescue team).
Fire-fighting equipment actual combat drill: every employee is full of emotion and actively participate in the fire fighting. Everyone can use the fire extinguisher correctly and eliminate the burning flame.
Through this fire drill, the safety awareness of the company's employees was further strengthened, the effectiveness and operability of fire fighting were tested, and a solid foundation was laid for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future.