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Don't forget your original intention and continue to move forward. It is an unforgettable ceremony for the new Doug employees to report to the full office!


On duty, wave and say goodbye to the past
Becoming a regular employee is very happy, and the future can be expected
August is destined to be brilliant
The first step to success is to report to the regular
It is also an important step to promote the company's talent strategy
On August 28, 2020, the August new employee report and formal employment meeting of Jiangsu New Doug Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded. Chen Yunxia, the company's executive vice president, and department heads participated in the meeting and placed expectations on the new employees.
Five new employees reported their work from work review, self-evaluation, work experience and other aspects. They said that they had gained a lot during their work in the company. They also had a deeper understanding of the corporate culture while improving their work ability. They expected to continue to learn and forge ahead in their posts in the future, continue to experience in practice, and comprehensively improve their comprehensive quality and business ability.
The executive vice president of the company and the head of the department to which the regular employees belong evaluated and encouraged the work report of the five employees. The executive deputy general manager said: I hope they will continue to work hard in the future, do everything down-to-earth, share the cause and dream with the company, and paint a bright future together.
After the solemn oath of entry, they issued the formal employment certificate and took a group photo. At this point, five new colleagues are officially welcome to join the new Doug!
The employment of employees represents the two-way recognition of enterprises and individuals, and is also the honor of employees. The company attaches great importance to the employment of employees because it is of great significance to promote the company's talent strategy, promote the common progress of the company and employees, and enhance the infectivity of corporate culture.
Next, the company will continue to improve and establish a scientific and systematic training and development system for new employees, so that the new employees can better establish the workplace mentality, clarify the development direction, and strive to enter and integrate into the new Doug at the best and fastest speed.