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Dynamics of the Party Branch | New Doug Technology Party Branch held the party organization meeting with the theme of "practicing economy and combating waste"


Jiangsu New Doug Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to this important directive spirit. On September 14, our party branch held a party organization meeting with the theme of "practicing economy and combating waste".
  We also watched video materials together: CCTV Focus Interview 20200803: One porridge and one meal are not easy and important.
The members of the Party branch should focus on the learning content, closely contact with the ideological reality, and exchange and discuss the saving measures in the work from their own post responsibilities, including the important measures of saving electricity, paper and water. During the active discussion, we jointly put forward the specific food saving activities for our company, such as the mobile red flag at the dining table in the canteen, and the large, medium and small portions of food for each table, which will be officially implemented this month.
"Practicing strict economy and opposing waste" is not only a slogan, but also an attitude of cherishing a good life. It is important to act and insist. Our company will not forget its original intention, keep in mind its purpose, further strengthen its confidence and determination to follow the Party, consciously become a propagator, practitioner and demonstrator of the frugal and thrifty fashion, and make due positive contributions to the construction of a conservation-oriented unit and a conservation-oriented society!
At the end of the meeting, all the members of the Party branch signed the proposal of "practicing economy and opposing waste", saying that they should be conscientious practitioners of the frugality and frugality fashion, be strict with themselves, establish a positive energy model image, and actively spread the frugality and frugality fashion to the staff of the company.