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On the 89th anniversary of September 18th, don't forget the national humiliation, and we will strengthen ourselves!


The bleak air defense warning pierced the tranquil sky
Remind us
September 18th is coming
This is a day that all Chinese people must remember
This is the beginning of the Chinese nation's 14-year difficult war of resistance
This moment
The humiliation and suffering suffered by the Chinese nation
The brilliant achievements that have been created
The great cause being promoted
And fused together
Condense into the precious memory of the whole nation
Stimulate the power of striding forward!
On September 18, 1931, the Japanese Kwantung Army shelled Beidaying, the base of the Northeast Army in Shenyang, igniting the fire of the 14-year war of aggression against China. Due to the non-resistance policy of the National Government, Shenyang fell the next day, and the Northeast fell within half a year, which was the September 18th Incident that shocked the world. The September 18th Incident became the starting point of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japan and opened the prelude to the world anti-fascist war.
The smoke of war has long gone, and the years of suffering will never be forgotten
We must keep in mind the way we came and let history not repeat itself!
Today's us
Look up at the stars and dream
With the great vision of revitalizing China
Because there is a strong motherland behind us
The new Doug people will also continue to adhere to the tenet of "integrity, unity, pioneering and enterprising", rely on more than 40 years of experience accumulation, make better and stronger national products, and make greater contributions to China's intelligent manufacturing with better skills, better products and better services!