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Elite hiking | New Doug technology team measures the beauty of the city with its feet, and shows the talent with enthusiasm


On the morning of November 21, under the leadership of General Manager Cheng Minggang, six staff representatives of our company formed the "New Doug Technology Team" to participate in the sixth elite talent hiking activity in Jiangyin City, which enthusiastically demonstrated the vigorous spirit of the new Doug people and the civilization of the new Doug technology.
At the beginning of the event, hundreds of teams were dressed in uniform, orderly and orderly. Several municipal leaders gave speeches for the event and cheered the participants.
After a short and grand opening ceremony, with the starting gun of the leader of the rostrum, the members of the New Doug Science and Technology Team joined the vast elite army in high spirits and took firm steps to shuttle through the endless and cloud-like track.
In the next more than an hour, everyone walked 8.8 kilometers according to the prescribed route. The winding paths in the woods and the sunny weather are constantly sharpening the will of the new Doug people, but we braved the wind and waves to move forward. We watched the scenery along the way, talked and laughed all the way, and enhanced team communication and friendship among colleagues in sports.
More experience:
The development of society needs the guidance of elites
The realization of the goal requires the spirit of walking
The inheritance of cause needs the power of civilization