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New Doug Reception Room | Warmly welcome the customer unit Wannan Electric to visit and inspect New Doug Technology



On March 29, a delegation led by Sun Yue, the vice chairman of the new Doug technology customer unit [Anhui Wannan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.], and the general manager of technology, visited to conduct field visits and in-depth exchanges.
The company's general manager, Cheng Minggang, and the vice general manager of marketing, Haifei, accompanied the customers to visit the engineering technology center, instrument and meter workshop, sensor workshop, SMT workshop, vibration detection laboratory, etc. The guests and their party further understood and affirmed our company's technology research and development, production process, quality control and after-sales service level.
Perfect product life cycle management is the basis of being responsible for the customer unit. Face-to-face communication and on-site intuitive contact are the best way to let the customer unit rest assured of cooperation.
The director of Wannan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and his team learned about the company's independently developed technical platform - MechBrain, a vibration monitoring and fault analysis platform for rotating machinery.
MechBrain, a vibration monitoring and fault analysis platform for rotating machinery, uses advanced sensors and acquisition devices to build a device sensing layer, uses the theory of system engineering, and combines technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing to monitor, predict, diagnose and manage the status of equipment in the plant. The software platform provides industrial equipment operation monitoring, equipment fault detection and diagnosis, remote expert diagnosis and other functions to realize equipment operation visualization and equipment maintenance intelligence.


During this visit, the guests from Wannan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. affirmed the positioning and prospects of our sensors applied to the rotating machinery status monitoring protection and fault diagnosis system, and highly praised our corporate culture, research and development strength, project design and implementation, which laid a solid foundation for further strengthening cooperation in the later stage.