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Learn the Party history and keep the original intention | The New Doug Science and Technology Party Branch carried out a series of activities to learn and educate the Party history


In order to widely carry out patriotic propaganda and education, bear in mind the history of the Party, carry forward the tradition of the Party, and start a new journey, on May 28, the Party branch of Jiangsu New Doug Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. carried out the party history education and training activities with the theme of "learning the party history and keeping the original heart".



Focusing on the theme of "Learning the Centennial Party History, Remembering the Original Mission", the members of the Party branch focused on watching the video of the Party history, learning the major historical nodes of the CPC since its founding, and strive to learn from history to clarify the truth, increase credibility, uphold morality, and practice.
After the video study of party history, party members and cadres discussed with each other and exchanged ideas. Comrade Xu Wei summarized and shared with you:
The reason why the May 4th Movement is worth remembering is that it created the ideological and cadre conditions for the founding of the CPC. Most of the backbone of the Party building experienced the baptism of the May 4th Movement, moving from the original intellectual world to the society and the people. The combination of the intellectual ego and the people's ego is a huge progress. Although times have changed, the spirit of "patriotic, progressive, democratic and scientific" of the May 4th Movement can never be forgotten.
Through the training of the party history course, the party members and cadres were more deeply aware of the advanced political attributes, lofty political ideals and noble political pursuit of the CPC, and strengthened the belief of striving for excellence in work and striving for excellence in business.