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Watch the Red Classics Celebrate the Centennial Chapter | New Doug Technology Party Member Activity in June


On June 26, the Party branch of Jiangsu New Doug Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. organized all party members to carry out the film watching activity of "observing the red classics and celebrating the centennial chapter". Feel the shock of revolution and tradition again and accept the education of revolutionary tradition.
The film tells the story that the Chinese revolution in 1947 was at a critical juncture. In order to smash the key attacks of the Kuomintang army on the northern Shaanxi and Shandong Liberated Areas, Liu Deng's army crossed the Yellow River south and marched thousands of miles into the Dabie Mountains. In the extremely difficult war environment, the situation of the liberation war changed fundamentally, and the People's Liberation Army entered the strategic offensive stage ahead of time.
A film can not exhaust the hundred years of hard work and courage of the CPC, but it can let us see the perseverance, selflessness and dedication of the Communists. The war has ended, but the spirit of taking the overall situation into consideration, shouldering the heavy burden, seeking truth from facts, and sincere unity displayed by Liu and Deng's army can still inspire every party member to move forward.
In April of this year, all the staff of New Doug went to the Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province for a study tour to review the difficulties and setbacks that the Red Army had gone through in those years, to understand the hardships and twists of the revolutionary martyrs in those years, and to trace the historical footprints of the revolutionary ancestors.
Combined with the film, the New Daoist Party members have a deeper understanding of the spirit of the Dabie Mountains. At the end of the film, everyone agreed that we should take the study of Party history as a lifelong topic, feel the glory of the century, inherit the glory of the century, cherish today's happy life, based on our own work, forge ahead, and strive to create a new situation for career development!