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New Doug Reception Room | Warmly welcome Chuanyi to visit our company


On June 30, the leaders of Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Co., Ltd. visited New Doug Technology for inspection. The relevant person in charge of our company accompanied the event and carried out in-depth exchanges on future cooperation.


The leaders of Chuanyi Co., Ltd. conducted a field investigation on our company, including the enterprise qualification, continuous and stable quality assurance ability, contract performance ability, research and development ability, production ability, sales and service ability, management level, delivery date, process assurance means and even the environment, occupational health and safety.
It has successively inspected the engineering technology center, instrument workshop, sensor workshop, SMT workshop, vibration laboratory, warehouse, etc.
A complete and mature system is the foundation of the enterprise's continuous high-quality operation and the guarantee of providing customers with continuous and stable high-quality products and services.
Face-to-face communication enables us to further understand the needs of customers, further promote the improvement of our product quality and management quality, and at the same time, it is also the best way to let customers rest assured of cooperation.
After this investigation, the review team made high comments on the system construction and operation, R&D capability, production site and other aspects, and expressed confidence in the comprehensive strength of New Doug Technology, as well as full confidence in the supporting potential of our company.
Cheng Minggang, General Manager of New Doug Technology, said that since the strategic cooperation between New Doug Technology and Chuanyi was reached in May 2019, the two sides have opened up a new situation of win-win cooperation through mutual running-in. In the face of new changes in the new era, it is hoped that the two sides will continue to maintain a long-term good cooperative relationship and create more exciting sparks in the future.