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The party branch of New Doug Science and Technology carried out the party day activity themed with "deeply learning and fully implementing inner-party regulations"


In October 2021, New Doug Technology comprehensively strengthened the implementation of the relevant regulations within the Party, taking "deep learning and practice, comprehensive implementation" as the overall requirement, combined with its own work, through the theme party day, business discussion and other ways, to improve the political quality of party members and cadres, and build a solid foundation of faith.



Self-learning and strengthening awareness
This activity emphasized the importance and necessity of strengthening the company's party building work under the new situation. Through self-study of the Regulations, we should take the in-depth implementation of the Regulations as ideological and action consciousness. We should improve our political standing, strengthen responsibility, strive to improve the quality of the company's party building work, and improve the standardization construction level of the party branch, Provide strong political guarantee for the high-quality development of the company.
Group training theme education
At this meeting, everyone concentrated on learning
Regulations on the Education and Management of CPC Members
Regulations on the Work of the CPC Branch (for Trial Implementation)
Regulations of the CPC on Election of Grass roots Organizations
Regulations of the CPC on the Publicity of Party Affairs (for Trial Implementation)
The meeting stressed that strengthening the construction of inner-party laws and regulations is the long-term and fundamental policy for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party. All Party members and activists for joining the Party should improve their political standing and enhance their consciousness and firmness in learning and implementing.
All the party members unanimously said that they had carefully sorted out the relevant regulations within the party through concentrated study. After the meeting, they would closely contact with the actual work, strictly abide by the party's political discipline and rules, strictly implement the relevant systems of the party's political life, further enhance the sense of service, work hard and make progress to do their work well.