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New Doug's [her power] I hope all the good things will meet you unexpectedly


New Doug's/her strength/
The shoulders are weak, but the heart is firm
Elegant and confident, cool and free
They are half the sky of the new Doug technology

They are
Gentle spokesmen and virtuous notes
Beautiful logo, intelligent interpretation
Warm spring breeze and bright sunshine
New Doug Technology holds good wishes
Present gifts to the majority of female employees


People from all walks of life hope that beauty can dye half the sky.
The flowers are blooming in March and the spring is blooming. Women can reach the sky today.
In the new era, men and women are equal in economy, social status and labor rights,
Women's Day is not only a festival to promote equality between men and women, but also a great festival to celebrate the power of women.
There is a promise in the spring breeze, and the flowers will bloom
All the good things are on the way
Here, the new Doug sends a message to all female compatriots
Our sincere wishes: Happy Women's Day!