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Due to the frequent counterfeiting of our products recently, our company launched the anti-counterfeiting code in the middle of July
Query the system. At present, the products will carry their own "ID card" after leaving the factory.

Anti-counterfeit code will be posted on the outer package of each sensor series product,
Instrument series products will be uniformly pasted on the outer packing box.
Anti-counterfeit code query only needs to scrape the QR code coating and open WeChat to scan.
Please allow to turn on the positioning function during the operation, so that you can record the scanning position.
Code scanning is as follows:


1. Query the original page for the first time, and look at the query details to directly display your current location.

2. Genuine multiple query page. You can view the query details to display the specific records of multiple queries.

3. The anti-counterfeit code displays the non-genuine page.