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The 2022 year-end summary and commendation conference of New Doug Technology was successfully held





On January 19, 2023, the 2022 year-end summary and recognition conference of New Doug Technology was successfully held in the Engineering Technology Center. This conference understands the annual events from the perspective of departments and companies, summarizes the past and looks forward to the future.


Chorus "New Doug's Song"

The song of the enterprise is the soul of the enterprise culture and the channel of emotional communication between the enterprise and its employees. This meeting opened the chapter with the chorus "Song of the New Doug".


In 2022, the company's team will continue to grow. The new employees will inject new blood and vitality into the company. They solemnly swear at the conference to express their determination and responsibility!

Conference site


Part 1 Special report

First of all, HR has deeply analyzed the existing problems of the enterprise from the perspective of human resources, starting from the aspects of employees' work attitude, work ability, work effectiveness, etc., and discussed from theory to practice, to clarify the company's talent strategic focus in 2023, and to clarify the talent training direction and the specific objectives and relevant measures of personnel management.

Part 2 Department performance report

The heads of each department made a comprehensive and objective summary of the work of the department in 2022 from the aspects of work content, work results, department personnel responsibilities, etc., and planned the work deployment of the department in 2023 to carry forward the advantages, improve the deficiencies, keep forging ahead and create better results.

Part 3 Work report of the company's organizations

The leaders of the company's Party branch, the Association for Science and Technology, and the trade union respectively reported the work results and shortcomings in 2022, and looked forward to the work plan for 2023.

Part 4 General Manager's Performance Report

General Manager Cheng Minggang summarized from market expansion, product research and development, internal construction, project application, business secret protection and other aspects. The company reviewed its achievements in 2022, pointed out its difficulties and problems, and made a detailed deployment for the work in 2023:
1、 Do a good job in post layout and staffing, and refine quality and cost control.
2、 Define the market target plan and implementation plan, and comprehensively lay out solid market publicity.
3、 Recruit talents and attract talents, and stimulate the vitality of enterprise talents through team building.
Cheng Minggang, the general manager, requested that the year 2023 is full of challenges. The company needs employees who can fight together, "come as soon as you call, fight as soon as you come, and win as you fight". Let us uphold the spirit of "integrity, unity, pioneering and enterprising" of the new Doug and work hard for the future of the new Doug.


Award site

The development of the company cannot be separated from the hard work of the employees. This time, the employees who have made outstanding contributions to the work in 2022 will be commended, and the executive vice president Chen Yunxia will give them awards.


Employee representatives share their work experience


The successful holding of this summary meeting not only strengthened the internal cohesion of the company, but also enhanced the communication, communication and team cooperation awareness between employees and leaders, and also enriched the corporate culture. In the new year, new journey and new dream, I wish New Doug Technology a smooth and brilliant journey in 2023!