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XDG5000E monitoring and protection device for rotating machinery

XDG5000E monitoring and protection device for rotating machinery

5000E rotating machinery monitoring and protection device can provide continuous online parameter measurement and safety protection for the operation of various types of rotating machinery, especially suitable for on-site use in power...


This product is the upgraded product of our company's 5000C rotating machinery monitoring and protection device, and has been upgraded in terms of software and hardware. Compared with the original product, it has stronger anti-electromagnetic interference ability, higher integration, more monitoring modules can be installed, and the number of channels that can be monitored by each monitoring module has multiplied. The technical parameters of 5000E rotating machinery monitoring and protection device comply with API 670 standard. Its performance and technical indicators are equivalent to those of imported products, which can replace imported products, and can be customized for users and provide lifelong services. The 5000E system chassis adopts the standard assembly form of EIA (American Electronic Industry Association). The leftmost position of the chassis is the system power supply and management module. The first slot is installed with two-out-of-three overspeed protection module. The other slots can be installed with various functional modules. The system adopts split dual-channel redundant power supply, and the system management module adopts 32-bit embedded processor, 5.6 inch touch screen and WinCE operating system. Its operation speed is fast and reliable, and it adopts graphical user interface, which is simple and convenient to operate. Up to 11 functional modules can be installed in the frame. Most of the functional modules are of four-channel pluggable structure. Because the functional modules are composed of the main channel board and the input/output board, the wiring, installation, maintenance and replacement are very convenient.

Our product portfolio

  • ● Embedded industrial processor, 16-bit A/D, logic combination alarm

    ● Centralized management and decentralized control

    ● Split dual-channel redundant working power supply

    ● LCD touch display mode

    ● Set flexible configuration mode

    ● Complete and comprehensive self-diagnosis function

    ● RS-485 interface realizes data communication between upper computer and each monitoring module

    ● The device can be combined according to the monitoring requirements to form the most practical system

  • 5001E chassis

    5002E power supply

    5003E management

    5014E Vibration monitoring

    5024E shaft vibration monitoring

    5034E displacement monitoring

    5064E eccentric

    5074E travel monitoring

    5104E thermal resistance (temperature)

    5144E General monitoring

    5154E Keyphasor monitoring

    5163E overspeed monitoring

    5204E thermocouple (temperature)

    5254E speed monitoring

    5352E speed/impactor monitoring

    5454E zero speed monitoring

    5554E reverse speed monitoring

  • ● Output and interface

    Alarm output: Except for overspeed, all functional modules have normally open and normally closed contact output with capacity of 7A30VDC or 7A250VAC

    Communication interface: RS485/RS232

    BNC output: Each functional module has the buffered output of the original signal of the sensor

    Analog output: all functional modules have current (4~20) mA output

    ● Ambient temperature

    Operating temperature: (- 20~+50) ℃ (- 12~+113) ℉

    Storage temperature: (- 30~+65) ℃ (- 20~+149) ℉

    Humidity: RH (20~95)%, non-condensing

    ● Power supply

    Input: AC 176V~265V, 47Hz~63Hz

    Power: 150× 2 W。

    ● Electromagnetic compatibility

    GB/T17626.2-1998 Electromagnetic compatibility testing and measurement techniques Electrostatic discharge immunity test

    GB/T17626.4-1998 Electromagnetic compatibility testing and measurement technology Electrical fast transient burst immunity test

    GB/T17626.5-1998 Electromagnetic compatibility testing and measurement technology Surge (impact) immunity test

    GB/T17626.11-1998 Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing and Measurement Techniques - Voltage Dip, Short Interruption and Voltage Variation Immunity Test

    ● Insulation performance

    Insulation resistance: greater than 50M&Omega

    Insulation strength: withstand voltage 1500V, lasting for 1 minute, leakage current not exceeding 5mA

  • Overall dimension of chassis: 483.3mm× Height 266.5mm× 348mm deep

    Hole size: 450 mm× 253 mm (see Figure 2 and Figure 3 of P6)

    Weight: about 25kg; Installation method: disc or cabinet installation

  • ● Monitoring module registration

    ● Real-time data acquisition and display of monitoring module

    ● Real-time curve and trend drawing display

    ● Alarm status display

    ● Monitoring module type registration and setting

    ● Monitoring module number setting

    ● Alarm point and alarm mode setting

    ● Select sensor type and measuring range

    ● Setting of channel, number of teeth and transmission coefficient

    ● Keyphasor setting

    ● Mechanical zero point confirmation or working point setting

    ● (4~20) mA range setting

    ● Calibrate 4mA output current of channel A and B

    ● Calibrate 20mA output current of channel A and B

    ● Linear correction of input signal of channel A

    ● Linearity correction of input signal of channel B

    ● Access use/prohibition

    ● Channel bypass/input

    ● Customizable according to user needs

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